Jessica Perkins: "Lately, I've been finding inspiration everywhere."

Preface: The average American tosses out 81 pounds of clothing each year; we now buy five times more clothes than we did in the 1980's; and a fast fashion piece of clothing lasts just five weeks in a woman's wardrobe before it's tossed out. Currently, our mainstream fashion industry, with a tunnel-vision for the bottom line, encourages ever-insatiable materialism at the cost of our social welfare, environmental well-being, and public health.

But it doesn't have to be this way. In honor of Second-Hand September, KW highlights change-makers glamorizing slow, re-loved, and vintage fashion as statements of appreciation for the heartfelt stories told by cherished clothes.


Get inspired


  • Necklace from a second hand designer consignment store
  • Re-loved earrings from Ebay
  • Up-cycled belt from Etsy
  • Re-loved bag from National Council of Jewish Women
  • Re-loved dress from Cancer Research UK (Kent, England)
  • Re-loved hat from Wasteland (Los Angeles)
  • Boots from 16 years ago

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Peak inside

What are you working on in terms of holistic health this month?

"We've recently started using bamboo toilet paper and kitchen roll at home, and I'm starting to pay more attention to the different cleaning products we use. I've just ordered a starter pack from Airbiotics who make eco-friendly cleaning products."

What's a purposeful pleasure you indulge in?

"Most people start transitioning to their Autumn wardrobe at the beginning of September. Luckily for Angelinos, we have very short Winters and can get away with wearing a lot of the same items of clothing all year round.

Becuase of this flexibility, my favorite brand at the moment would be a company who make great flats called Rothy's.

Rothy's shoes are 3D knit with recycled water bottle fibers and they're my comfiest vegan shoes to date.

They're even machine washable and come in some cute colour combos."

What inspires you most right now?

"Lately, I've been finding inspiration everywhere.

Inspiration can come from someone in college sharing an interesting idea; a comment made on 99% invisible; or watching a random act of kindness by a stranger. We're surrounded by inspiration."

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