Cynthia Dam: "It's unhealthy to always be and feel like you're a machine powering through life."

Preface: The average American tosses out 81 pounds of clothing each year; We now buy five times more clothes than we did in the 1980's; and a fast fashion piece of clothing lasts just five weeks in a woman's wardrobe before it's tossed out. Currently, our mainstream fashion industry, with a tunnel-vision for the bottom line, encourages ever-insatiable materialism at the cost of our social welfare, environmental well-being, and public health.

But it doesn't have to be this way. In honor of Second-Hand September, KW highlights change-makers glamorizing slow, re-loved, and vintage fashion as statements of appreciation for the heartfelt stories told by cherished clothes.

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  • Re-loved denim jacket
  • Re-loved denim jeans from Susi Studio; vegan-friendly, conscious business practices
  • Top from Express; #30wears, summer capsule piece for over 2 years
  • Shoes from Aldo; #30wears, capsule wardrobe piece

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Peak inside

What are you working on in terms of holistic health this month?

"My goal for September is to be able to comfortably eat vegetarian/vegan meals for at least half of my weekly meals. I've found so far that, despite taking more effort, it genuinely has made me feel better mentally and physically. I've also been able to rediscover my appreciation for locally grown, quality meat cuts.

I'm also trying become more conscious and appreciative of every single touchpoint a meal would have from seed to plate,

thanking the people (labor) and animals that have worked or passed to allow me to eat that meal. It's helped me focus on the true impact my food has had and taught me to be even more grateful!"

What are your favorite brands?

"Oh, I have so many and am always learning about so many more! One of my favourite mission-based brands to this day is SOKO, an ethical jewelry company seeking to empower artisans in Kenya. The brand's innovational virtual supply chain, paired with its commitment to sourcing locally and ethically (i.e. recycled brass and reclaimed cow horn), makes it a standout company.

I definitely have and will continue to recommend this brand. Its jewelry is super trendy and has even been backed by Emma Watson!"

What inspires you most right now?

"To be honest, I've been in a mental rut lately.

But I've found that it's important to acknowledge that this happens to everyone, and that it's unhealthy to always be and feel like you're a machine powering through life.

I currently look to nature for inspiration. I had a mini scare recently (I basically looked up at the solar eclipse without special glasses for longer than I should have and thought I'd go blind!), and it genuinely made me realize that I don't appreciate the beauty around me enough. It was definitely a refreshing reminder, and I've found that I've been inspired to continue striving for sustainability with the end goal of preserving nature's beauty!"

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