6 Eco-Friendly Jungle-Print Swimsuits For More Guilt-Free Fun This Summer


6 Eco-Friendly Jungle-Print Swimsuits for More Guilt-Free Fun This Summer

If you could, wouldn't you love to be able to live in a renewable-energy powered lodge with gigantic glass windows in the middle of a tropical jungle? I know I would. Just imagine waking up to natural daylight, looking out onto a all shades of lush greenery, and then being able to step outside at any time to take deep, revitalizing breaths. Even just picturing this vivid scene as I write this, I already feel a sense of tranquility, vigor, and wholeness taking over me.

Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to nature-inspired prints.

They just make me dance a wee bit on the inside as they remind me of natural environments thriving with life.

Do they make you feel that way, too? If so, you've got to check out my favorite eco-friendly jungle-print bikinis and one-pieces in this post! With so many responsibly made and cute swimsuit options available, look no further than here to marry your love for nature with the swimwear season you've been waiting for.

1. Neutra Set in Lush Life by Vitamin A Swim $189

Photo via @vitaminaswim

Photo via @vitaminaswim

Vitamin A makes ecoluxe bikinis, onepieces, and resortwear with conscious production methods, such as utilizing digital printing to conserve water, using recycled materials in their pieces, and more. I love the massive variety of styles and prints it has that almost ensures it's got something for everybody.

2. Plunged Swimsuit in Arcadia by Jets Swimwear $205

Photo via @jetsswimwear

Photo via @jetsswimwear

JETS Swimwear dedicates itself to enhancing the natural shape of your body through its specially designed silhouettes. Think glamorous, soft, sensual, and luxurious--all made possible in recycled fibers.

3. Lost Onepiece & Shipwreck Rashie by Elle Evans ($85+)

Crafted with regenerated ECONYL® Lycra, Elle Evan's swimswear, children's wear, and active wear were designed with versatility, function, sustainability, and aesthetics in mind. With its tropical prints available in a wide range of styles, easily match with your little ones or proudly embody its playful, sporty attitude both in and out of the water.

4. Ribbit Crop Top by Houndsditch $70

Photo via Houndsditch

Photo via Houndsditch

Houndsditch is best known for its colorful, fun prints, and this one is no exception. Made with recycled polyester, your purchase of this crop top helps to divert five plastic bottles away from hopeless landfills.

5. Zenia Swimwear by Underprotection ($180)

Underprotection is an eco-conscious intimates, loungewear, and swimwear brand based in Denmark. With its expertise in flattering the female body, its feminine designs can seriously turn heads as you strut down the beach.

6. Sia Set in Palms by Sober & Naked ($87)

Photo via Sober & Naked

Photo via Sober & Naked

Being sober and naked is such a freeing experience, especially if you get to skinny-dip at a secluded beach while you're at it. Secret revealed: I may have gotten to savor a moment like this quite a while back on the western coast of Italy. So when I saw Sober & Naked's vibrant Italian fabrics made with upcycled fishnets and recycled plastic bottles, sensations reminiscent of that same freedom, fun, energy, and happiness immediately washed over me. Set yourself free this summer with this brand's tropical-inspired eco-bikinis.

Note: At the moment (based on what I know), our most eco-friendly swimwear pieces are ones made of dead-stock fabric, recycled plastic bottles or discarded nylon fishnets. While this helps to divert nonbiodegradable waste away from landfills, natural environments, and our fragile marine ecosystems, it doesn't offer a solution to microplastic pollution (which occurs when microplastic fibers shed from their source fabrics). That said, sustainable living is a continual work in progress, and the ability to transform waste into something of value again is a huge step forward. While I'm going to keep my eyes and ears open for the latest innovations and share them as I go, I'd highly encourage you to do some research as well to stay updated and to make shopping choices that feel most aligned with your needs and values!

Photo 1 by Justin Jay; sustainable fashion guide by Kaméa Chayne, Creator of Conscious Fashion Collective and an author, eco-creative, and health coach. Follow @kameachayne and @consciousfashion on Instagram for more.