Renew Your 2017 Eco Resolutions


In 2016, I made the following efforts to live more harmoniously with nature:

I shortened the duration of time and frequency I shower to save water; I wore my clothes several times before laundering them; I washed my dishes in bulk; I soaked my fruits and veggies in water to wash them rather than rinsing them with running water.

I made sure the home furnishings and accessories I got were VOC-free; I walked whenever possible to reduce GHG emissions and electricity use; I offset my personal carbon emissions for the entire year at

I got new material goods only if they were eco-conscious or if I would use/wear them at least 30 times; I brought my thermos with me almost everywhere to minimize my need to buy disposable water bottles.

I only turned on my home or car AC maybe 30 times the entire year; I only turned on the heater in my apartment 10 times the entire year.

By turning these mundane tasks into meaningful actions, I now find joy washing my dishes; turning off my lights; driving my car on only electricity; lying down on my VOC-free carpet; taking deep breaths at home; drinking out of my thermos; and wearing clothes that were made responsibly.

Sometimes, it's the little things that bring about the most impactful tangible and intangible changes. And in the new year, I hope to continue living thoughtfully while taking these actions up another notch.

What little purpose-driven actions will you take in 2017?

Photography by Justin Jay; sustainable lifestyle log byKaméa Chayne, Content Curator of Konscious Whispers and an author, speaker, Integrative Health Coach, and freelance creative. Follow her @KameaChayne and subscribe to KW to get a breath of fresh air delivered to your inbox once a month.