Here's your simple swap for less waste and better toothbrush hygiene (Free gift included!)


Is it weird to call a toothbrush sexy?

Bogobrush (pictured above in the color literally called "Naked") has got a sleek design, comes in additional bold colors (including all white or all black if you're someone who's obsessed with monochrome everything), and also is designed to stand upright on its matching triangular base so you don't have to dry it lying around on surfaces with questionable hygiene.

Anyway, I got chills having this Heart-to-Heart with Heather, the Co-Founder of Bogobrush. This is a conversation you do not want to miss. There's so much goodness here for you to soak up!

Plus, there's an exclusive gift for you at the end of this post.

So dive in, get inspired, and get rewarded for getting inspired (how often does that happen!?).

What’s something about toothbrushes that we need to know?

"Each year in the U.S. alone, more than half a billion toothbrushes in landfills are polluting natural habitats.

The overwhelming majority of toothbrushes are not recyclable because they have so many grips and gimmicky materials that they can’t go through a recycling system. Bogobrush’s recyclable collection offers a single plastic solution for simple recyclability."


What sparked the birth of Bogo Brush?

"John (my brother and co-founder) and I wanted to do something to bring environmental and social awareness into people’s daily routines. Growing up as children of a dentist, we couldn’t resist starting with a toothbrush!"


What was your biggest struggle when bringing Bogo Brush to life?

"Our biggest struggle was finding the right manufacturing and materials for our collection.

And we overcame it by believing in our vision and persistently networking until we found partners who supported us.

Our first effort was experimenting with bamboo material, and that meant overseas production. We had success in small production runs, but once we ramped up for full production, something changed and we lost more than half of our first run to product failures due to poor manufacturing.

The relationship was difficult to manage between language and distance, and that brought our search to the U.S., where interestingly, the material we ended up choosing for our biodegradable collection didn’t exist when we first started product development several years prior."


I noticed that all eco-friendly toothbrushes still have (nonbiodegradable) nylon bristles. Why?

"Some companies claim to manufacture a biodegradable Nylon material, but so far that is false advertising and we’ve seen toothbrush brands pull that claim from their story.

The only truly natural solution is animal hair bristles and those just don’t make good toothbrushes: They take long to dry, harbor bacteria, and are abrasive on tooth enamel. Nylon is the best material out there for bristles right now, and it’s important to us that our product not only is eco-friendly, but actually works and is high quality.

We are committed to always finding the best materials available, and when customers support businesses like ours we have more power to push for better material development."


How do you recharge from burnout?

"I sing, practice yoga, walk with my dog, and spend time with my husband, friends, and family. I’ve learned I’m not happy with a single focus, so when the elements of life feel unbalanced for too long, I know I need to adjust."


What advice would you give to change makers wanting to help make our world a better place?

"Ride the waves of your journey.

It won’t always be easy and fun, but believe in your passion and it will pull you through the drudgery. Then, enjoy those wins, however small.

I also think collaboration and relationships are key. I always welcome connections, even if just a few minutes of conversation. I never know when something might click for a good idea. Plus, connecting with others keep the tanks fueled and passion burning"


What we can look forward to next?

"Bogobrush has some fun updates coming in the next 12 months. First, we’re updating our production, which means we’ll be able to scale and grow to more stores and people! We also have new products in the works. We can’t say much, yet, but I will say that our goal is to have a full collection of products to keep your family smiling. :)"


What makes you hopeful and inspired?

"Good has the track record of winning, and I see that people are inherently kind and good. I practice compassion for myself, for everyone, and that helps a lot.

I truly believe in the advice to surround yourself with people who lift you up, and who you can help, too. Good energy attracts good energy, and that just means lots of goodness."

Get your first eco-friendly bogobrush free here!*

Why I love it: I have the biodegradable one in "Naked" and recently received the first compliment I've ever gotten on a toothbrush. More importantly, though, Bogobrush offers a subscription service so we never have to think about when the last time we replaced our toothbrushes were (you know you're supposed to replace it every few months for proper hygiene, right? And even more frequently if you've been sick?).

As a start, I signed up for them to send me a new one every three months so I can have more brain space for more important things in my life. Do you really want to be keeping track of your toothbrush purchase history in your calendar?

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Wisdom by Heather M., Co-Founder of Bogobrush; products sponsored by Yellow Co.; affiliate link for Konscious., LLC provided by Bogobrush; photography and Heart-to-Heart by Kaméa Chayne, Creator of Conscious Fashion Collective and an author, eco-creative, and health coach. Follow @kameachayne and @consciousfashion on Instagram for more.