This Invention Can Help You Majorly Reduce Plastic Waste From Your Kitchen


They say "never say never," but with Bee's Wrap, I will never need to buy Saran Wrap, plastic wrap, or Ziploc Bags ever again.

Made with organic cloth, tree resin, sustainably harvested bees wax, and organic jojoba oil, Bee's Wrap is reusable and can be washed over and over again using cold water for up to one year (or even longer depending on quality of care and frequency of use). As if that isn't already appealing enough to the eco-minded, it's also 100% compostable for when it comes time to toss it out.

With my Variety Pack graciously gifted by Bee's Wrap, I received a giant wrap that I used for bread loafs from the farmers' market; two large wraps that I used to package sandwiches or seal leftover bowls of food with; two medium wraps for keeping half-used avocados, apples, or lemons fresh in the fridge; and two small wraps that I've used for carrying nuts and seeds with me as snacks on the go.

My favorite part, though, beyond the versatility of Bee's Wrap and its fun, colorful prints, has to be its sweet scent that makes me smile every time.

Having such a thoughtfully made, genius invention in my hands, I could not wait to learn directly from Bee's Wrap's Founder, Sarah Kaeck, and squeeze the valuable juices out from our Heart-to-Heart for you. Get inspired today by how the brand makes our food industry a healthier place; the limitations Bee's Wrap faces and how it hopes to tackle them; how Sarah stays grounded and creative in the midst of her often-draining entrepreneurial routine; and more!


What’s something about the food industry that still tugs at your heartstrings today?

"It is difficult to single out the biggest concern, as there are so many ways the food industry could change its habits to better the health of the planet, people and animals.

Single use plastic for food storage is a constant struggle for conscientious consumers.

Our food now comes from grocery stores wrapped in plastic for ease of storage and longevity to complement our busy lives. This plastic waste doesn't end in our kitchen garbage piles, but continues its negative effects throughout the food chain, often ending up in the fish we serve at our tables.

Changing these habits is an uphill struggle."


What sparked the birth of Bee’s Wrap?

"Reducing plastics from the kitchen.

I found it particularly challenging to store homemade bread, and Bee's Wrap was the perfect solution. I couldn't help but think others might find it valuable as well."


What is one primary problem Bee’s Wrap aims to pacify?

"Bee's Wrap, in partnership with the Bee Cause, is working to help bring observation hives to classrooms in hopes of fostering a culture that understands and protects healthy bee populations."


What was your biggest struggle in bringing Bee’s Wrap to life?

"Scaling up as demand grew was our initial struggle. Actually, it continues to be our biggest struggle today."

How do you recharge from entrepreneurial/modern-day burnouts?

"Hikes in the woods.

It's super hard to find time to recharge with business demands and a busy family life. But I try to sneak out for a few hours in the woods every weekend alone and on some week days, too."

What is one purposeful pleasure you, as a conscious foodie, indulge in?

"A super high grocery bill. My husband and I love good food and are passionate about fresh and local. We spend a lot of time preparing our meals for the week, using really good ingredients. Our time to enjoy each other and our children is around the table with a great meal as many nights of the week as possible."


What would you say to change makers wanting to translate their purpose-driven visions into reality?

"Just keep at it. Knowing what feels right is really important, and stick with it despite what others say."

Where do you seek for inspirations that fuel your work?

"Being alone outside quiets my mind and inevitably opens up room for new ideas.

I can start a walk feeling frustrated and depleted, but by the end I'm ready to go back at it with fresh ideas. I also read Seth Godin's blog and collect articles and excerpts that inspire me to refer back to."


What gives you the greatest sense of hope for our world right now?

"People's ingenuity and persistence for a greater good despite so many odds [gives me hope].

I am constantly floored by the persistence for a better life by so many people in the world, ranging from people seeking asylum from hostile homelands to those that are fighting on every level to change legislation to protect our environment."


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Words of Wisdom by Sarah Kaeck, the Founder of Bee's Wrap; products sponsored by Bee's Wrap; conscious cuisine Heart-to-Heart by Kaméa Chayne, Creator of Conscious Fashion Collective and an author, eco-creative, and health coach. Follow @kameachayne and @consciousfashion on Instagram for more.