For Responsible Globetrotters Looking for Bold Traveling Pants

"Would you like to try?" The workshop's manager asked.

"Sure!" I chuckled, still in awe of the precision and consistency of the artisan's block-printing demonstration.

With the large wooden stamp in hand, I pressed it firmly into the ink-filled sponge, oozing out the rich royal blue colors from within. Carefully aligning the stamp on top of the graphic elephant's base in pink on the cotton canvas, I took a deep breath. I would only have one chance to layer on the elephant's decorations perfectly.

I must have frozen there for a minute.

"That's good! Just, hammer it down!" The manager urged me onwards.

I slammed it down in place, sighing in relief as I noticed the artisan smiling despite my amateur technique.

Slowly peeling the cotton sheet away from the stamp, I lit up.

The pink elephant just grew a layer of blue decorations all over its back!

Having personally tried traditional block-printing by hand in India just two months ago, I had already developed a profound appreciation for the art when I learned about MATTER PRINTS. So when I unfolded its pants right out of the package, I let my eyes indulge in the prints' every line and every corner on the organic cotton fabric, following closely where the artisan must have peeled away the block to restart the inking process again.

Rather than being merely a piece of eye-candy to me, and rather than just being another pair of pants in my wardrobe, these pants embody a holistic story of appreciation, compassion, and unity.

They whisper to me softly about the timeless design intended to keep me as a conscious traveler inspired throughout time; about the organic cotton being weaved diligently one row after another into fabric; about the artisans' skillful, patient printing work, slowly making the patterns come alive; and about the socially conscious company that stands behind them to make the world a better place.

Meet MATTER PRINTS, my new travel companion who will inspire me to continually appreciate the little details in life and who will support me in learning the intangible stories of every person and tangible object I encounter.

Post sponsored consciously by MATTER PRINTS; photography by Amina Touray; eco fashion log by Kaméa Chayne, Creative Director of Konscious Whispers and an author, speaker, freelance creative, and Coach for cause-driven leaders. @KameaChayne