Pela as World's Most Eco-Friendly iPhone Case

world's most eco-friendly iphone case?

I put a question mark there because I haven't run the data on the actual health impacts of every single phone case out there. And if you know me, you know I geek out on research and really value basing my thoughts on facts, stats, and knowledge, rather than just on testimonials or subjective information.

But if I were to guestimate the answer to this question, I would point you to PELA as being the most eco-friendly iPhone case that I know.

And it primarily comes down to the fact that it is compostable and made out of its trade-marked plant-based material "Flaxstic," which can really help us to cut down on the amount of nonbiodegradable waste we dump out onto our trash mountains over time.

Did you know that the very first piece of plastic humankind has ever made still exists somewhere on this planet, simply because plastic does not degrade naturally and is almost impossible to dispose of? Or, that recycling plastic decreases its quality over time and at some point, it will eventually render the plastic un-recyclable?

(Given our current recycling technology, plastic is not considered to be indefinitely recyclable, as much as glass is.)

Anyway, all you have to know is that every time I check my phone now, which has been dressed in PELA since more than a year ago, I am reminded of all the forces of good in this world. To me, it's become more than simply an iPhone case to protect my info-loaded phone. It has a deeper meaning ingrained into it.

It has become a necessary reminder for me that in a negativity-biased world, there are innovative people using their intelligence and influence for the greater good.

In our oftentimes discouraging world, what serves as your daily reminder of the good out there?

Post sponsored by PELA; Photography and sustainable fashion log by Kaméa Chayne, Content Curator of Konscious Whispers and an author, speaker, Integrative Health Coach, and freelance creative. Follow her @KameaChayne and subscribe to KW to get a breath of fresh air delivered to your inbox once a month.