Shower Yourself or a Loved One with this Subscription Box Curated with Love


Shower Yourself or a Loved One With This Thoughtfully Curated Subscription Box

You know what I used to love growing up? Opening new boxes of presents.

But after learning all the detrimental environmental and health impacts that accompany the production of most mainstream consumer goods, I almost became fearful of unwrapping gifts from my family and friends. Of course, I know they showered me with presents out of love. But I started to worry that the things they bought for me might not have been made consciously with love, or that I'd find their gifts impractical for use or unaligned with my style and therefore, wasteful.

So since a few years back, I've started telling people to refrain from getting me any surprise holiday or birthday presents and to just donate to an environmental organization on my behalf if they insisted, instead (I still freely accept house plants as gifts, though, on my mission to build my indoor jungle). But that excitement from unboxing gifts? I do miss it!

If you're like me treading the waters between conscious consumerism and minimalism but still crave an element of surprise, Love Goodly is for you!

With an explosion of eco beauty and wellness products in the last few years, this is the perfect way to discover new goodies not tested on animals, but tested, vetted, and approved instead by its thoughtful Co-Founders, Justine Lassoff and Katie Bogue Miller.

Learn about why these beauty experts started their thoughtful bi-monthly subscription boxes in the first place; what problems they hope to tackle; the greatest challenge they faced along the way; how they stay inspired and motivated to continually bring their best, selfless work every day; and more.


What’s one finding about the beauty industry that still concerns you today? 

Actually, there are two:
1. The continued testing on animals by many brands, and
2. the number of toxic chemicals that are allowed in many of the products people use.


What sparked the birth of Love Goodly?

We wanted to make it easy for women to discover the best cruelty-free and nontoxic products.

What was your biggest struggle in bringing Love Goodly to life?

When starting the company, there were a lot of directions we could pursue in our goal to make a difference as social entrepreneurs.

By talking to [various] women, we were able gather feedback that allowed us to fine-tune our focus. 

What’s one challenge Love Goodly currently faces?

Our on-going challenge is how to reach a broader audience to fulfill our mission to have our boxes reach 1 million women. By being focused on our goals and forecasts, we're able to tackle this challenge. This includes innovating by creating a community with partners, influencers and people in our industry.


How do you recharge from entrepreneurial burnout?

"We try to have work-life balance, like through spending time with our families. Also, making time for things such as working out, yoga, and eating healthy does help."


What's one purposeful pleasure you, as conscious beauty experts, indulge in?

"We are lucky to get to try out all of the beauty and skincare products ourselves. When we want to pamper ourselves, we enjoy toxin-free manicures using one of our favorite LVX colors, or getting facials with Robin McDonald, who is the founder of KINDri Beauty Oil, a line we love."

Tips for change makers with big dreams?

"Keep things in perspective and be open to listening to your customers. Your initial idea may be something you love but it might not get market fit.

Network and surround yourself with a community who can help you."

Where do you seek for inspirations that fuel your work?

"We get inspired by the many passionate founders of the brands we work with, like the Malibu-based line OSEA. Their creativity and innovation fuels our own goals."


What makes you hopeful for our future?

"The growth of the Internet and social media has helped bring causes to the forefront and connect communities around doing good.

There is a lot of positive change that can be done with technology."

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Words of Wisdom by Justine Lassoff and Katie Bogue Miller, Co-Founders of Love Goodly; products and photo #3 provided by Love Goodly; product photography and holistic health log by Kaméa Chayne, Creative Director of Conscious Fashion Collective and an author, speaker, and a mindset and heart health coach for change makers. Follow her @KameaChayne