Why You Get To Be Happy When Others Suffer

Maybe you've felt burnt out before from giving so much without seeing the direct impacts of your selflessness. Maybe you've felt guilty before for the fortunes you have in your life compared to the misfortunes of other people. Maybe you've felt helpless and your voice and choices insignificant as an individual person in a troubled society. And maybe you find it hard to stay positive given all the large-scale, systematic issues to resolve in our world.

Yes. I know what you mean.

Climate change. World hunger. Food waste. Child abuse. Labor abuse. Water pollution. Air pollution. Ocean acidification. Deforestation. Species extinction. Biodiversity loss. Urban sprawl. Poverty...

And then there's you and me, here.

When our world is plagued by so many problems, why do we get to be happy?

"Hakuna matata."
"Think positively."
"Do what makes you happy."

But how?

How can we be happy knowing people of the same flesh and bones are suffering near and far? How can we be positive knowing our coral reefs are dying; that giraffes are going endangered; that forests are being destroyed for economic gains and urban sprawl; and that our most basic survival needs like water, air, and food are being contaminated by our pollutants and toxic chemicals?

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