Feel Whole in Grand Teton National Park


Feel Whole in Grand Teton National Park

The song of the sea always calms me, but it’s the mountains that make my heart beat, I’m home, I’m home.

From forests teeming with life smaller than my fingertip, to the towering giants that soothe my ego, they pull at the knowledge ingrained in my very being. 

This is where I belong - in nature, with nature.

Walking with the wind, my thoughts quiet in awe at the beauty unfolding with each step, the gentle roll of pebbles and leaves beneath my feet gives way to the ceaseless flow of the water trickling down from melting glaciers to the lakes a thousand feet below. The azure of the sky, the lush green of the trees, the freckles of bluebells lining the canyon all seem to grow more saturated the farther I go.

The sun kisses my cheeks, caressing my hair as it peeks out from the clouds. Jagged canvases don’t get old, and the sky is masterpiece of a painting every dusk and dawn. Bird songs and lone howls are the language of the mountains, and the Tetons stand immense, waiting for me to discover what lies beyond the river bend.

The leaves of the trees dance with the breeze and sunbeams as I smile by them, wandering deeper into their arms.

Warm, full, whole.

Grand Teton National Park of Wyoming, USA

Photography and eco escapes travel log by Ashley Hudson. Follow her picturesque feed capturing nature's beauty at its finest @ashhhudson.