Drop Jaws in Guilin, China

Drop Jaws at a Landscape Like No Other

Underwater. That's what Guilin, China used to be. But as the water slowly drained away, it formed a unique topography known as the karst landscape with funky lumps and humps of earth here and there. To fully immerse myself into this jaw-dropping nature's creation, I drove around on land surrounded by lush greenery and rice farms; I took a speed boat down the Li River to take in the grandiosity of these steep mountains; and I rode a bamboo raft down a tranquil body of water for a more intimate experience. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Plan your escape to Guilin, China, or just take a moment here and breathe.

To do: Take a night-time river cruise within the city;  dine and stay at the Shangri-La Hotel downtown; visit the Reed Flute Cave; take the Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yang Shuo; watch Impression Liu San Jie, a live performance staged out amongst the karst landscape; hike Xianggong Hill.

Photography and eco escapes travel log by Kaméa Chayne, Content Curator of Konscious Whispers and an author, speaker, Integrative Health Coach, and freelance creative. Follow her @KameaChayne and subscribe to KW to get a breath of fresh air delivered to your inbox once a month.