Keep Your Pants On With Jelt

Conscious, Comfortable, Versatile

Just a few words that describe belts from Jelt, a brand that makes belts out of recycled plastic bottles for people with demanding lifestyles. Intrigued? Here's my recent interview with its Founder, Jennifer Perry.

There are so many belts out there. What makes Jelt unique?

"I have always been an active, outdoorsy person, but I also loved wearing skinny jeans. I never liked wearing belts because they were uncomfortable and bulky, however, I really needed a belt to keep my jeans from sliding down and my ski pants from dragging. I remembered the elastic belts I wore as a kid in the 80’s and knew a modern idea of that concept would be perfect.

Jelt is a combination of 1980’s fashion with modern day looks. It has a retro vibe, but is completely modern in that the elastic is made from recycled water bottles and the belt has a grippy inner gel.

No other elastic belt on the market today has those features."

How do Jelts support your active, agenda-packed lifestyle?

"Jelt is the only belt an active person will ever need.

You can wear it for hiking, biking, skiing, golfing, horseback riding— you name it. Jelt belts also work perfectly with jeans, and because it has a grippy inner gel, it can be worn with leggings and dresses. No belt loops are required!

Jelt belts contain no metal parts, so you can leave it on through airport security. Basically, when I’m working hard to run my business, driving kids to football practice and trying to squeeze in my own sports, the last thing I want to have to worry about is how to keep my pants on!

Jelts are so convenient, that my 2 teenage boys wear their Jelts with their jeans every day, too!"

What’s next for Jelt Belt?

"My next Jelt project is called Jelt Extreme and it will be available in early December—just in time for the holidays! Jelt Extreme is a wider, thicker, more hard core belt with a strong, army surplus buckle. It will be an adjustable, one-size-fits-all belt that will hold up the heaviest work pants, can cinch in a pair of fishing waders, or just look cool on casual pants. I created Jelt Extreme for my husband and my father, who are big men who enjoy extreme outdoor sports. They needed a heftier belt for their large, heavy pants.

The best part about Jelt Extreme is that it is being made in Montana! I have partnered with the Montana Correctional Enterprises to start production at the women’s prison in Billings, Montana. They have a volunteer program where they train women to have work skills for when they are released. The women apply and interview, just like a job in the outside world. The money they earn goes toward their restitution, is given to their families and also put into a savings account so they have money in the bank when they are released."

How does Jelt Belt contribute to its community and the world?

"We are a certified woman-owned, small business based in Bozeman, Montana. We care deeply about the environment and its people. Not only are our belts and packaging made from recycled materials, but also, for every Jelt sold, $1 goes to Warriors and Quiet Waters, an organization that takes combat-wounded veterans fly fishing."

Photography by Sisilia Piring; sustainable fashion and style interview with Jennifer Perry (Founder of Jelt) by Kaméa Chayne, Content Curator of Konscious Whispers and an author, speaker, Integrative Health Coach, and freelance creative. Follow her @KameaChayne and subscribe to KW to get a breath of fresh air delivered to your inbox once a month.