Stop Buying Conventional Toxic Flip Flops And Get This Instead


Lost At Sea But At Peace

There I was, stunned and confused like a deer in headlights. "Where did my sandals go?" I frowned.

Sheela and I had just returned from the mangroves nearby where Luis, our friend from the local town in Ostional, Costa Rica, took us to see wildlife the way he'd done ever since he was little.

Confused by who could have possibly stolen my shoes on this pristine patch of beach with no other soul in sight, I watched as the waves came crashing in, then receding back out, erasing all traces of our footprints in the sand.

A lightbulb lit up in my head. "By the water! That's where I had left my sandals. No one stole them—they must have been washed away by the ocean!"

Laughing at my stupidity, I walked off barefooted with my two pals, back towards the Ostional Sea Turtle Conservation site where Sheela and I were volunteering at.

Reflecting upon this little incident from nine years ago, though, I no longer find it laughable.

How ignorant was I to be a volunteer at the Sea Turtle Conservation while allowing my plastic-based shoes to go amiss in the ocean, where it could become a choking hazard for sea turtles and other marine wildlife?

I cringe at that thought today and vow to never be so careless again.

But accidents happen when we least expect them to, so how can we prevent similar occurrences in the future?

Meet Olli.

I don't know if it's normal to be this excited about flip flops, but get this:

While mass-produced flip flops (like the one I lost in Costa Rica) are likely to be made with toxic, nonbiodegradable materials such as PVC, plastic, or EVA foam, Olli's flip flops are made with 100% sustainably harvested rubber. Heather, the co-founder of Olli, was so adamant about creating her flip flops responsibly that she and her team took one entire year to do research and another year to find suppliers of utmost quality. She even traveled all over Southeast Asia in search of the most fitting plantations to source from, and I could tell her passion for her supply chain when she said,

"I've visited every factory we work with multiple times and I can tell you where our raw materials come from down to the grove of rubber trees."

The result of her team's hard work is Olli becoming a member of Fair Rubber (ensuring its raw materials originate from ethical plantations) and the brand almost ready to equip nature lovers with their conscious, colorful flip-flops.

If you're on the hunt for your next pair of simple, versatile, and eco-friendly flip flops, let Olli be your savior by supporting its recently launched Kickstarter here! Your shoes will get to you just in time for all your outdoor festivities this summer, and you'll never have to worry about losing your (potentially chemical-laden) shoes in the ocean or the woods again.

Post sponsored by Olli; photos 1 & 2 by Krystal Huang; photography and conscious fashion log by Kaméa Chayne, Creative Director of Konscious Whispers and an author, speaker, freelance creative, and Coach for cause-driven leaders. @KameaChayne