Elevate Your Style Sustainably With This Designer Fashion Brand


Umran Aysan Proves Luxury And Sustainability Can mingle and play

I'm honored to share with you my recent Heart-to-Heart with Ümran Aysan, a rising conscious fashion designer who passionately and diligently brought her vision of an eco-luxe resort-wear brand to life. Learn how she overcame her biggest struggles, how she recharges from modern day burnout, how she hopes her designer label can make the world a better place, and more.


What about the fashion industry still tugs at your heartstrings today?

"Modern slavery is still a big concern for me, and having already heard so much hasn't helped me to get used to it. Each new report on modern slavery is still extremely sad and heartbreaking."


What sparked the birth of Ümran Aysan?

"The sustainability of mother nature, [traditional handcrafting] techniques, and the lives of the artisans who practice them are currently under threat. So with the brand, I wanted to [help address these concerns] by creating [responsibly made] products that people will desire and feel good about wearing.

I find fashion to be beautiful when it is natural, has a deep story or cultural heritage, and of course, was brought to life in harmonious ways, and

I [hope Ümran Aysan can prove] that sustainable products can be beautiful, in every sense of the word."


What was your biggest struggle in bringing Ümran Aysan to life and how did you overcome it?

"The biggest struggle I faced was making the right people believe in me. To be honest, it was a trial and error process. I had to try working with so many suppliers before I could get everything right at every step -- from sourcing the raw fibres to having them woven, printed and manufactured into actual products.

When you are a new brand requesting for the finest materials and workmanship for unusual designs without the promise of large orders, it's hard to get people to say yes.

Sometimes, when something is too good to be true, it [may very well be]...

But in the end, after persistence, I am very happy to have found the right people who could work with me to bring my vision to life."


How do you recharge from modern day burnout?



What is one purposeful pleasure you pamper yourself with?

"I feed my mind by visiting tranquil places, reading, listening to music, and treating my body well."


What advice would you give to a change maker aspiring to turn his/her purpose-driven vision into reality?

"You have to stay alive to realize your vision. Invest what you possess and spend wisely."


What gives you the greatest sense of hope for our world right now?

"The younger generations and technology.

Our world is getting crazier due to global politics, which is often practiced by the more senior generations. But things will eventually change for the better. I am not sure when, but I trust that the younger generations and continually developing technology will enable us to overcome the various obstacles [we face today]."

Organic silk shirt dress sponsored by Umran aysan;
Ava Sustainable Wool Hat by Janessa Leone;
Banks Sandals by Coclico

Words of WIsdom by Ümran Aysan; eco fashion log by Kaméa Chayne, Creative Director of Konscious Whispers and an author, speaker, freelance creative, and Coach for change makers. @KameaChayne