Reform Fashion With Reformation

Reform Fashion With Reformation

Seductive cuts. Luxurious textures. Bold colors. And elegant lines...

all driven by a positive purpose to reform the fashion industry, which is currently one of the largest polluters on our planet.

When a brand is able to combine social and environmental responsibility with eye catching designs and head-turning styles like Reformation, that's when we know we've got a keeper.

Here are some positive changes the brand has made, which sets it apart from conventional brands:

- Ref uses lower impact fabrics such as vintage, Tencel, flax linen, Alpaca yarn, etc.
- Ref certifies its products for being low-impact and safe-dye whenever possible.
- Ref manufactures its clothes locally in Los Angeles and purchases renewable energy credits.
- Ref uses 100% recycled content for its packaging materials and ships using carbon neutral shipping.
- Ref educates its customers with relevant stats, updates, and industry news.

When you shop at Reformation, look out for clothes made of Lenzing's closed-loop fabric material Tencel; check out pieces made of dead-stock fabric; and keep an eye out for simple T's made with flax linen and organic cotton. To enhance your knowledge on sustainable fashion and to stay up to date to Ref's latest styles, subscribe to its newsletters to spice up your inbox.

But keep note: While Refscale shows us how much water usage, carbon dioxide emissions, and waste we would save by choosing Reformation products over industry standard ones, consuming anything new still results in some environmental impact. This highlights the importance for us to buy less and buy better and to choose quality over quantity whenever and wherever possible.

Top: Reformation; Shorts: ThredUp

Fashion photography by Sisilia Piring; sustainable fashion and style log by Kaméa Chayne, Content Curator of Konscious Whispers and an author, speaker, Integrative Health Coach, and freelance creative. Follow her @KameaChayne and subscribe to KW to get a breath of fresh air delivered to your inbox once a month.