Sleep Your Way To Holistic Health

Sleep Your Way To Holistic Health

"Go to bed! Go to bed!" My mom used to always say after 11pm while I was growing up.

But why!?

There were so many things I needed to do and so little time. How could I afford to sacrifice doing productive things for sleep, which to me at the time, seemed like a completely unproductive activity?

If I had only known how sleep could have made me more productive during my waking hours by improving my cognitive skills, memorization abilities, physical fitness, and more, I would have approached sleep so differently. I must admit: Not prioritizing sleep is one of my biggest regrets from my childhood.

Rather than placing it last on my priorities, I would have placed it first, as it could have led me to growing taller, thinking more sharply, remembering things better, having more energy to socialize, being more creative, and functioning more optimally across all areas of my life .

Knowing this today, I rarely ever sacrifice sleep for anything anymore, and I try to the best of my ability to stick to a regular sleep routine that I've found to work well for my mind and body.

As if these revelations weren't convincing enough, though, extensive amount of research from the recent years actually have revealed that beauty sleep can do for us much more than to simply put us into our peak states during our immediate waking hours...

It turns out that Sleep can also serve as one of our most effective anti-aging remedies.

Read more on The Sleep Cure by Times here.

How are you doing in terms of prioritizing rest and sleep? Is this something you feel good about already, or is it something you'd like to focus on more going forward?

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