What If You Could Spread Your Positivity Like Wildflowers?

So, change-maker, you want to leave a positive imprint on your community?

Try partaking in more random acts of kindness, and then try being open and transparent to the public about the good that you're doing to contribute to our world's greater good.

I know it may feel noble to do good deeds without sharing them with anyone at all. But what if you knew that sharing them can inspire others to be more selfless like you've been? In other words, you can multiply your positive impact and create a ripple effect of good simply by sharing your selflessness.

A study found that when people witness others doing good things, they are more likely to conduct an act of altruism themselves.

This means not only will the recipient of your selfless act feel touched to pass on the good to someone else, but your bystanders can also feel inspired to think beyond their own wellbeing as you've demonstrated.

If you feel grateful today for being alive and for everything that you have, get out there and nourish your soul and life purpose by giving more to others without any expectations of reciprocity. Then, share with your family and friends your personal experience of what you did and how your selflessness impacted you and the recipient of your kindness.

Although not every individual who hears your story will carry it forward with them, some will (whether intentionally or not).

And when they do, you'll have created a Triple Ripple Effect of Good—a term I coined to describe something that positivity impacts the actor of good, direct benefactor of the act, and observers of the act who are now all the more inspired to keep passing it on.

Just like how wildflower meadows may require some hands-on, active care and cultivation in the beginning, they will gradually begin to spread on their own to beautify an entire landscape.

Quoted from Thrive; holistic health log by Kaméa Chayne, Creative Director of Konscious Whispers and an author, speaker, freelance creative, and Coach for cause-driven leaders. @KameaChayne