Conscious Fashion Collective is a look book inspiring a more thoughtful and sustainable future in fashion.

We're idealistic but imperfect; fierce but gentle; and constructively critical but nonjudgmental.

We're passionate about the diverse causes we each stand for; persistent in our purpose-driven pursuits; and positive in our visions for a sustainable world.

Finally, we celebrate progress in every form and believe that we can savor life while making the world a better place.



/ˈkän(t)-shəs/ (adj.)

1. marked by thought, will, design, or perception; 2. acting with critical awareness.

Conscious Fashion Collective recognizes there are infinite ways to make our current wasteful, harmful, and mindless fashion industry more sustainable, and therefore celebrate progress in every form and welcome diversity in perspectives and approaches, emulating how diversity in a natural ecosystem strengthens the entire community.




powered by purpose, Empowered by knowledge

Hey hey! It's Kaméa Chayne, the curious one behind Conscious Fashion Collective. I wear multiple hats, but all revolving around my passions for deep ecology (valuing the intricate balance and interconnectedness of ecosystems) and holistic wellness. Big picture stuff.

So why fashion? Because it's something that touches upon everyone's lives and therefore has so much untapped potential in helping to bring about positive change on a global scale.

Fashion is so powerful. It has the ability to spark conversation, inspire trends, and quietly create desire. So imagine if we embedded activism into fashion... Magic may happen, as the world, whether knowingly or not, begins to organically be drawn to choices with built-in positive impacts. Game-changer. By law of simple-minded attraction and through equipping consumers with better knowledge, conscious fashion would be able to inspire self-directed change that can snowball and sustain.

Whether you're a new or seasoned curious consumer, I invite you to hop on board to learn, contribute, experiment, and get inspired by those bold enough to step up, fall, repeat, then shine. You can do this by 1) following @consciousfashion on Instagram where we share empowering stories and words of wisdom from creatives that inspire us, and 2) following /consciousfashion on Pinterest where we save our best eco-lifestyle finds on a daily basis.

With greater inner wisdom, global awareness, and creative activism, maybe we'll all have a better chance to thrive again. I look forward to connecting with you soon! @kameachayne x



Conscious Fashion Collective