12 Conscious Fashion Brands That Will Help You Complete Your Timeless, Versatile Capsule Wardrobe

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Building a capsule wardrobe is a great way to inspire more intentional and thoughtful purchases, as it requires us to slow down and really think about our needs, wants, and personal style. We're encouraged to mix and match different capsule pieces in multiple ways so that we can make the most of what we have based on the season or occasion.

With that, here are 10 conscious fashion brands that can help you build and complete your capsule wardrobe. Some of these brands have entire collections curated for you, complete with their own styling inspirations, while others allow you to pick and choose based on what you specifically need. Happy intentional browsing!


Note: Remember to make the most of everything you already own first, swap or borrow clothes from friends, browse through some of our favorite secondhand or consignment shops or thrift stores near you, then prioritize quality and durability over quantity with everything new you purchase!


conscious capsule wardrobe | sustainable fashion brands


Highlights: Partners with nomadic herders in Mongolia to support sustainable grazing and land management; uses natural and biodegradable dyes; clean energy powered manufacturing.

Notes: Luxuriously soft, earthy-toned pieces that can be worn as loungewear, travel wear, or daily wear out on the road.

Investment: $$$

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Joon + Co

Highlights: Consciously curated collection of modern pieces from brands using eco-conscious materials and fair trade practices.

Notes: A high fashion capsule wardrobe for the on-the-go, modern-day, remarkable women; 30 outfits with 10 pieces.

Investment: $$$

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Highlights: Made in responsible factories throughout the globe from natural materials like cotton and linen.

Notes: High-quality essentials for women, inspired by classic menswear.

Investment: $$$

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Highlights: High quality, compact collections consisting of just 7 pieces per season, made from natural reclaimed and deadstock fabrics.

Notes: Committed to circularity, the brand allows you to donate your pieces back to them for recycling.

Investment: $$$

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Highlights: Responsibly made transparent factories using durable fibers.

Notes: Timeless basics for both men and women.

Investment: $$

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vetta capsule | eco friendly sustainable capsule wardrobe | conscious fashion collective

VETTA Capsule

Highlights: Made in responsible factories from sustainable fabrics like deadstock and Tencel in New York City and Los Angeles.

Notes: Mix and match five versatile pieces to create a month's worth of outfits to make your life easier.

Investment: $$$

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Elizabeth Suzann

Highlights: Made in house in Nashville, Tennessee using eco-conscious materials like cotton, linen, and silk

Notes: Classic silhouettes that are still modern, with style that transcends time and place; designed with intention and designed for your life

Investment: $$$

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Two Fold Clothing

Highlights: Made to order and created in house in North Carolina out of organic cotton, Tencel, and raw silk; partners with The 410 Bridge to help empower communities in developing countries

Notes: Clothing that uplifts women to live their best lives and encourages the wearer to not only look great, but feel great.

Investment: $$$

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Hackwith Design House

Highlights: Made by hand in Minnesota out of natural materials like cotton.

Notes: Long-lasting and versatile clothing that is as unique as its wearer.

Investment: $$$

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Highlights: Made transparently in small factories using eco-conscious fabrics such as deadstock, organic cotton, Tencel, and modal.

Notes: Timeless, yet trendy garments perfect for building your capsule wardrobe

Investment: $$$

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Highlights: Carefully curated boutique filled with brands that source responsibly and are committed to design, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Notes: Timeless pieces perfect for capsule wardrobes for both men and women.

Investment: $$$

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conscious capsule collection brands cuyana.jpg


Highlights: Made from natural materials like cotton and silk; provides clothing for victims of violence

Notes: Founded on deep-rooted heritage, skillful craftsmanship and a culture of artisans discovered around the world.

Investment: $$$

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