Top 5 Eco-friendly 2019 Planners to Ensure You THRIVE in the New Year to Come

eco-friendly planners

In preparation for a fruitful 2019, we put together this guide of 5 eco-friendly planners ranging from ones with classic to statement designs that can help you dream up all of the things you want to realize in the new year to come. If you prefer planning with other tools you already have, all the power to you! But if having physical planners supports you in being more productive, creative, and mindful, check out our top picks below!


1. green dreamer planners

Highlights: plants 50 trees (like a forest); uses FSC-certified paper and soy ink; features major earth awareness dates, research-based goal-setting and reflection guides, gratitude lists and more; 6 designs available.

Shop this eco planner now. $29

eco-friendly 2019 planners | conscious fashion collective

2. At a Glance 2019 Planner

Highlights: recycled paper and recycled metal wire bound; 50% waste post-consumer recycled cover; weekly and monthly appointment book inside.

Shop this eco planner now. $27.79

eco friendly 2019 planners | conscious fashion collective

3. 2019 A6 Weekly Diary Planner

Highlights: hand bound with linen thread, book cloth, and recycled paper; made to order; additional colors available.

Shop this eco planner now. $32

Eco-friendly 2019 planners | conscious fashion collective

4. Karst 2019 Planner

Highlights: uses paper made out of stone which is waterproof, tear-resistant; plants 1 tree; recyclable after use; features goal-setting guides and motivational quotes.

Shop this eco planner now. $39

eco friendly planners | conscious fashion collective

5. Lolla Weekly Planner

Highlights: handmade in Helsinki; recycled paper interiors bound with cotton thread; various interiors to customize; multiple cover designs to choose from.

Shop this eco planner now. $44.75


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