10 Conscious Fashion Brands Based in the UK to love

Conscious Fashion Brands based in the United Kingdom

One of the most powerful ways to support eco fashion is to purchase from businesses local to you. This reduces carbon emissions and can help to increase transparency. Plus, it can help build stronger connections between designers, makers, and consumers.

If you're based in the UK or plan on visiting any time soon, take note of the following brands based here.

sustainable fair trade clothing brands based in the UK people tree.jpg

People Tree

Highlights: Certified Fair Trade and Organic materials used; provides economic opportunity for people in developing countries

Notes: Playful patterns and basic essentials

Occasion: Casual, everyday wear; workwear; activewear

Investment: $$

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ethical brands in the UK beaumont organic.jpg

Beaumont Organic

Highlights: Uses natural, eco-conscious materials such as organic cotton, linen, bamboo, wool, natural leather, and deadstock fabrics; transparent manufacturing and fair wages

Notes: Combines signature styling with contemporary classics for the modern woman

Occasion: Everyday wear, business casual

Investment: $$$

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conscious fashion brands based in the UK seassalt cornwall.jpg

Seasalt Cornwall

Highlights: Uses organic and eco-conscious materials; mindful manufacturing throughout the process; supports various nonprofits and community initiatives

Notes: Simple and utilitarian designs

Occasion: Everyday wear; business casual

Investment: $$

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sustainable brands based in the UK bav tailor.jpeg

Bav Tailor

Highlights: Handcrafted from natural or recycled materials; transparent and responsible production; member of the Ethical Fashion Forum 

Notes: Combines spiritual and sustainable awareness through symphonic linear silhouettes and colours

Occasion: Business casual, special occasion

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eco-conscious clothing brands based in the UK mayamiko.jpg


Highlights: Fairly and transparently made by individuals earning living wages; locally-sourced and organic materials used; zero waste; solar-powered workshop; a tree planted for every order

Notes: Cross-seasonal collections inspired by African artisanal traditions and prints

Occasion: Everyday wear

Investment: $$

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conscious clothing brands based in the UK bibico.jpg


Highlights: Uses natural materials like organic cotton; works with two World Fair Trade Organization certified women's cooperatives to provide economic opportunity

Notes: A slow, “back to basics” approach to creating clothes that are timeless and well made

Occasion: Everyday wear; business casual

Investment: $$

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sustainable clothing brands based in the UK thought.jpg


Highlights: Made from eco-conscious materials like bamboo and Tencel; member of Ethical Fashion Forum; vegan

Notes: Easy-to-wear fashion that fits your lifestyle

Occasion: Everyday wear; business casual; activewear; essentials

Investment: $$

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conscious fashion brands based in the UK study34.jpg


Highlights: Designed in Newcastle and made using only 100% natural and consciously-sourced baby alpaca fibers from Peru.

Notes: A focus on fit, drape and quality, with each style designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

Occasion: Casual wear, workwear, capsule wardrobe staples

Investment: $$

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eco-friendly athletic wear based in UK asquith london.jpg


Highlights: Made using low-impact bamboo and organic cotton; no synthetics or chemicals used; transparently made in a family-run factory in Turkey; maternity and plus-sized available

Notes: Designed to go from street to studio

Occasion: Activewear

Investment: $$

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sustainable clothing brands based in UK bamford


Highlights: Mindfully made from natural materials such as linen, wool, tweed, and organic cotton; Lady Bamford Charitable Trust works with disadvantaged communities in India

Notes: Emphasis on mindful living for body, mind and spirit

Occasion: Everyday wear; business casual

Investment: $$$$

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Note: This is a reference only. Conscious Fashion Collective is not responsible for the brands we feature based off of publicly provided information. For specific information on products and pricing, please refer to each brand's website and reach out to its brand reps to ensure its products fit the criteria you're looking for.

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