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17 Eco Fashion Brands Made in or Based in Los Angeles For Dreamers in the City of Stars

With Hollywood glamor and eco-mindedness co-mingling in LA, it is no wonder this city of stars is booming with sustainable fashion brands. For those based in Los Angeles, here's a list of local eco fashion brands to shop at.

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27 Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Brands to Watch in 2019

Today and every day, we dance where style meets sustainability, because we want to be be able to express ourselves through fashion not just for the next 5 years, but for as long as we live. Here are 30 sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands to watch.

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5 Floral Dresses to Celebrate Mother Earth In

With the weather warming up, it finally feels like spring! And we're ready to celebrate that in these 5 floral dresses made using earth-loving textiles like linen, deadstock fabric, and Tencel.

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